What We Want

Rose City Copwatch works to eliminate or radically change police institutions. A primary function of the criminal justice system is to maintain the status quo; we work to promote change that will disrupt this power. We want to reduce police violence, and disrupt the polices ability to enforce race and class lines.

We want to shift public consciousness and demonstrate the possibility of social change. In order to achieve this in a real way, we see the necessity of developing our political analysis in and through dialog with communities outside of our membership. We also recognize the importance of building alliances with groups looking to eliminate or radically change other aspects of the criminal justice system. We work to fulfill these responsibilities of communication, dialog, and alliance building in a principled way.

All of our work is motivated by a desire to live in a democratic society. In building community power, and shifting power away from the state, we see the potential to positively change the world.

Contact us!

phone: 503.715.1409

email: info@rosecitycopwatch.org

post: PO Box 12353, Portland, OR, 97202